Nutricharge Glycem ProDiet and Tablet


Nutricharge Glycem ProDiet and pill is a supplement designed for Pre-diabetes to prevent the onset of diabetes.
what's Pre-diabetes?
“before humans broaden diabetes, they almost continually have “Pre-diabetes” – blood glucose tiers are higher than normal but now not high sufficient to be diagnosed as diabetes” – American Diabetes affiliation.

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to prevent diabetes Nutricharge Glycem pill is a chewable tablet with 12 botanicals.
Nutricharge Glycem Prodiet carries excessive exceptional soy protein isolate from DuPont america, nutritional fibre, Garcinia Cambogia and enzymes.
25 sachets of Nutricharge Sweetener ‬unfastened with ‬Nutricharge Glycem ProDiet ‬
add one scoop of Nutricharge Glycem ProDiet powder and Nutricharge Sweetener sachet in a glass of low fat milk to make a scrumptious cinnamon chocolate coffee flavored protein shake.
Who can devour: Pre-diabetics (humans with random blood sugar levels of a hundred and forty to 2 hundred mg/dl)
Dosage: bite 1 pill of Nutricharge Glycem pill every day within the morning
and take 1 glass of Nutricharge Glycem ProDiet shake with it. continue until the Blood sugar stages come to be normal.
M.R.P.: Rs. 810/- for a percent of 30 tablets (1 month %)
M.R.P.: Rs. 1,440/- for 500 gms jar


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